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Nearly 60 Years Experence

We do sincerely hope that you find this information pack helpful and informative. We cannot hope to be exhaustive at this stage and as many cases, perhaps your own, have unique features, that means a facility needs to be tailored to your own requirements. We have tried to keep rules to a minimum and figures are obviously for guidance only. Lending parameters are constantly changing and a good broker attempts to keep abreast of such changes to ensure that he is offering competitive terms and so justifying the charges made.

Similarly, lending parameters can be bent - but rarely broken. If we have a clear idea of your own circumstances, we can give a more definitive decision as to whether and how we can help you. We believe that we have access to some of the very best rates and terms in the market. However, what we can organize for you depends very much on you, your background, the business in question, the security being offered and, most importantly, the ability to meet repayments.

Through our contacts for life assurance, general insurances and domestic mortgages, we can take care of all your requirements in connection with your purchase.

You should not hesitate to get in touch with us with regard to your requirement - either as an initial enquiry or, if appropriate, for further clarification on quotes already given to you. You are welcome to make telephone enquiries to our office, or if you prefer, you can make an appointment to see one of our staff.

We are very conscious that your enquiry could relate to one of the biggest single transactions of your life - a step not to be taken lightly. Rest assured that we are here to help and offer whatever advice we can. You must remember that our home/your business is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.